DE-1008.5 Dohrect Enject Applicator:

Culbac Liquid Silage Inoculant Applicator


Introducing our newest low-volume applicator: DE-1008.5
It stands out with its stainless steel baseplate and enclosure, featuring a hinged door to gain access to an updated pump and a quick-connect pumping tube meaning, no tools required for pump tube changes! The flush bottle is larger and is part of the pump enclosure. We have also improved the wire harness and electrical plug connection to the pump unit, to make it a more secure,
weather-tight connection. As with all Dohrect Enject Systems, it has an open ended discharge (no nozzle or orifice to plug), an insulated tank (treating up to 1000 tons per tank fill), and a secondary tank option (to have more on the go).

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